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Jesse Belvin

Less than three weeks before the first anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, and some 32 years before a presidential candidate named William Jefferson Clinton made it one of America’s most famous small towns, Hope,gun essay topics Arkansas was the site of a horrific car accident.   Jesse Belvin, a major figure and prolific songwriter & singer in the R&B industry and most known for writing Earth Angel, Goodnight My Love, and Guess Who lost his life at the tender age of 27. He had become a full-fledged pop star, after years of immense popularity on the West Coast, particularly in Los Angeles, where he was considered a superstar.
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Jesse wrote one of the biggest hits of the 1950’s “Earth Angel” for The Penguines in 1955 and his recording of “Goodnight My Love” was used by Dick Clark as the closing theme for “American Bandstand” for several years.  Jesse was a Grammy Nominee at the inaugural 1959 Grammy Awards, where he was nominated for Best Male Vocal Performance, up against the likes of Frank Sinatra, Harry Belefonte, Bobby Darin and Robert Merrill for his song “Guess Who” and Best Rhythm & Blues Performance for the same song “Guess Who” up against legends such as Elvis Presley, The Coasters and Nat King Cole.


The question of the new millennium … “What is normal”? From the earliest days of our childhood, we have all felt the need to find our place in society. Are you a Cheerleader or Drama Dork? Football star or Mathlete? Soccer mom or PTA president? Whatever thesis.statement examples we choose we are still conforming to obtain the impossible, to be Normal.
This one-hour drama shows that nothing is ever as it seems.  The towns crown jewel parents, Monica and Alan are known throughout the community, and are financially well off, seeing as Alan is a famous entertainment lawyer. The mom wears nothing but Chanel and Gucci to all of her PTA meetings and the dad drives the kids to school activities in his brand new Range Rover. Must be nice… Or is it? As the dad hugs the kids ‘goodbye he leaves the aroma of whiskey and old cigarettes. Swerving his way home, he arrives to find his wife’s credit card bills that are drowning her sorrows away, even deeper than the booze that is drowning his soul. Monica’s been growing sick of his alcoholism, and abuse but cannot leave him for the fear that she is not financial stable enough to support her children.

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Creator: Jamila Allen-Carter
Co-writers: Shayla Neuhaus and Jamila Allen-Carter